And then there were flowers

When I was first building this website, a site ostensibly about flowers, I wrung my hands because as yet I had no actual pictures of them.  Imagine, trying to write about something as visual as flowers with no visuals.  I felt a little handicapped.  

But now...

Anemones are blooming in their brightly-striped row.

The daffodils, those eager happy spring faces the first to spring out of bed.

The poppies are just breathtaking in their translucent beauty.  

Ranunculus and dianthus are budding up, and we're gearing up for the Big Planting in the next few weeks.  The weather has been so warm here, it's almost impossible to believe that our last frost date hasn't actually passed yet.  I am sorely tempted to begin planting dahlias, zinnias, basil, and all the other tender pretties growing under the lights in the basement, but I have been out on frosty nights in my bathrobe before, trying to save plants I'd planted just a little too soon.  So for now I will keep those babies in their warm home and count down the days until the frost can really be said to be over.  

We're nearing completion on a cooler room in the basement to stash our flowers until market days or sales appointments.  The best part for my boys is definitely the styrofoam insulation offcuts that are buoyant enough to serve as boats for them on the pond.  On the farm, innovation is the mother of entertainment.