cup and bucket

There is usually-damp soil down near the creek under the trees.  The perennials that will be planted here will find it and not need a lot of supplemental watering.  But the seedlings that will become those big plants need some help, and the irrigation system we're working on doesn't quite reach them yet.  Ah!  Here is something little hands can do.  Scoop a bucketful of water out of the creek and go down the bed, watering each little baby plant with a cup.  Use up all the water and repeat.  Chatter happily about sense and nonsense as we while away the afternoon in the shade.  Is there a rest of the world?


Going into the shade beds: Hellebores, Astilbe, Solomon's Seal, Hostas, Lady's Mantle, Foxgloves, Delphiniums, Columbines, Lily of the Valley, Bleeding Hearts.  My shade board on Pinterest is here.