Red Maple Flowers Bulk Buckets for Weddings and Events

Ready to try your hand at floral design? Great!

Thank you for your interest in bulk buckets from Red Maple Flowers. Here’s how it works:

  1. Read through this page to make sure DIY wedding/event flowers are for you.

  2. Fill out the information form below.

  3. We will then email you back and confirm your order and date. We will include an invoice at this time for 50% of the total cost.

  4. Once we receive your 50% down payment, your date and order is secured. 30 days from your event date, this down payment becomes non-refundable. It’s best to order at least a month out.

  5. 3 weeks from your date, we will email you an invoice for the remainder of your total. This payment must be paid 2 weeks before your order date. You can also make any additions to your order at this time. You may also subtract from your order but not by more than 50% of your total.

  6. On the Tuesday or Wednesday before your date, we will contact you via text or email to confirm your delivery time and location.

  7. Pickup at the farm is on Friday mornings between 9 am and 12 noon. Pickup in Greenville can be arranged for an additional $10 fee.

Flower/foliage buckets are $70. Foliage only buckets are $50.

-- buckets contain a minimum of 50 stems with 70% flowers and 30% foliage. Flowers only buckets contain a minimum of 50 stems. April-May/Sept-Oct flower and foliage buckets have closer to 50 stems and June-August buckets have closer to 60 stems. The flowers we grow in Spring and Fall require more time, care and labor and therefore are more costly to produce.

--The following flowers are sold separately by the bunch and are not included in the mixed buckets.
     Peonies, available April-May, $25/5 stem bunch
     Garden Roses, limited quantities available May-September, $17.50/5 stem bunch
     Dahlias, available September and October, occasionally during the summer (July-August), $12-$15/5 stem bunch depending on size

-- You may specify certain colors or choose grower’s choice which will be a mix of seasonally available colors. Flower choice/variety is at the discretion of the farmer and will be chosen based on what is seasonally available.

-- Please note we do not offer farm tours. There is also no design or consulting available with the bulk bucket option.

--South Carolina sales tax of 6% will be assessed only on flowers included that we do not yet grow at our farm. These will be sourced from other Upstate flower farms with growing practices similar to ours.

Having a small event/dinner party?

-We do offer a $50 bucket option, limit of 2 buckets. 70% flowers and 30% foliage.  Minimum of 35-40 stems

How do I figure out how many buckets I need?

1 bucket of flowers and foliage will fill approximately 4-5 regular mouth mason jars. It depends on how full you make your arrangements. A bouquet is typically 35-40 stems for a bride and 25-30 stems for a bridesmaid. But remember this can vary depending on size and fullness. Boutonnieres and corsages usually take 4-5 stems apiece and can sometimes be made from side shoot flowers. Flower crowns take 20ish stems if you place the flowers around the entire head.

Caring for your flowers:

It’s a good idea to divide your flowers by task. Pick out the best blooms for the bride’s bouquet and place in a clean bucket with cool, clean water. Then select the bridesmaids', corsage, and boutonniere flowers. Use the rest for centerpieces and other designs. Store flowers out of direct sunlight in a cool room (no direct air blowing on the flowers). Once you have made your bouquets, place them in a tall vase with water. Also keep a few short vases around for placing boutonnieres and corsages. (You can leave your stems on those a bit long, then trim them the day of your wedding.) We don’t recommend using a cooler of any type. These flowers are very fresh and should easily last several days.

You will need a few supplies to do your own wedding/event flowers:

  1. Clippers- I like the ARS HP130DX Pruner but any sharp pair of pruners will do. We don’t recommend using scissors (they aren’t heavy duty enough)

  2. Ribbon Scissors - very sharp scissors to give a nice clean edge for your ribbon. (BTW- is a great source for reasonably priced ribbon)

  3. Floral tape- The green sticky tape for securing your bouquets. Rubber bands will allow your flowers to slip. (available at your local craft store)

  4. Corsage Pins- the pretty pearl tipped pins (amazon or ebay is a great source for these)

  5. Clean Buckets- it’s imperative that your buckets be squeaky clean. Bacteria in the bucket can cause your flowers to wilt.

  6. Lots of help! It takes more people than you think. We suggest 3-4 good helpers. Plan to arrange your flowers the day before your event. Also it’s a good idea to have any manicures done after you finish your flowers ;)

*Make sure you have a secure way to transport your flowers to your event site. They cannot go in the trunk of a car; this will cause them to wilt. A van or SUV (or other enclosed vehicle- no pick up trucks) is a great option.

Ready to do your own wedding/event flowers? Fill out the form below.

If after reading this, you feel like you want to hire a local florist, send us an email using our contact form.  We’d be happy to recommend florists who use beautiful, seasonal, and local blooms from all throughout the Upstate.

**Please note we communicate mostly via text or email as it’s hard to answer a phone with dirt all over your hands. We do our best to return emails within 48 hours (Monday-Friday).

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