Caring for your cut peonies


For events:

Your peonies have been dry-stored since harvest at a low temperature to keep them fresh. They’re going to look fairly awful, but don’t worry! They’ll perk up again as soon as they get some water.

If you don’t need the peonies immediately, they can be stored in a floral cooler until you need them. The length of time they can be stored depends on when in the season you’ve purchased them. Early in the season they can be stored for up to a month, later in the season they will already have been stored for several weeks and won’t keep as long.

The peonies won’t begin to open until you place them in water. Cut at least ½” off the bottom of the stems to open them up for water flow. Plan to receive your peonies a couple of days before an event so that they can open up completely. Watch the water level, they’ll drink a lot when you first cut them.

For the vase:

If you receive your peonies in a vase, there will already be cut flower food and fresh water in the vase. A sachet of cut flower food will be included with the packaging. Enjoy your peonies for three days or so, then dump the water, wash the vase, cut about an inch off the bottom of the stems, mix the cut flower food in with fresh water, and replace the peonies in the vase. If you receive your peonies dry, use the sachet when you put them in a vase. Remember to cut the ends of the stems before placing them in water.