I really love growing peonies for you.

There’s nothing at all modest or understated about peonies. They’re unabashedly fancy and big and fluffy and everybody loves them. And I’m as besotted as anyone else.

Here’s how peony season works:

At the end of April (the 20th-25th or so), the first peony stems are ready to cut. About this time, I’m able to estimate how many stems I’ll have available for the season with pretty good accuracy. Then I post those numbers on the wholesale peony availability page and open ordering for wholesale customers. Those customers can order peonies by variety and by the stem, reserving them for any week in May. Some early varieties are available the last week of April. Peonies are available for overnight shipping anywhere in the US, on-farm pickup, or delivery to the Spartanburg/Greenville area.

There’s only one peony harvest per year. I do make minor adjustments to the inventory numbers as the actual stems are cut, but the original estimate is pretty close to the truth, I’ve found. Cutting takes place over two to three weeks and then the stems are stored in my walk-in cooler as orders are filled for a total of four weeks. If you have a cooler yourself, in the 34-36 degree range or so, and several events over the season, you can order the season’s worth of stems and hold them yourself, saving yourself on delivery fees or pickups.

If you’re a floral industry professional and would like to receive my availability list in season, please contact me.

I’m thrilled to find that we have enough stems to offer to retail customers for Mother’s Day! Those bouquets will become available on their own page a couple of weeks before Mother’s Day.

 For care instructions, please see caring for your peonies. And enjoy!